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Pen Light Nurse LED Medical Penlight with Pupil Gauge for Nursing Students Doctors 2pcs White


■ Convenient: The reusable led penlight with push button switch, being able to click the light on/off is super convenient so that you can hold the penlight anyway you want and not have to fumble around with the clip.
■ Sturdy and Durable: Made from high quality aluminum alloy and led bulb, feels great in the hand, very sturdy and durable. Great for nursing school, EMT school, nurse and doctor for ears, throat and eyes etc. physical exam.
■ Professional: The pupil gauge and ruler chart on the side of the penlight opposite side are very useful for your measure the pupil size and bodies of patient's
■ Portable: small and compact design, with metal clip, perfect for carrying in your pocket, scrubs, bag or med kit.
■ Affordable: Our penlights is reusable and come with 4 AAA batteries, you can change the battery when the batteries was died, very convenient and affordable.

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■ You do your job well, and you want your tools to work just as well for you. Opoway’s LED Penlight is a high quality, yet affordable tool that well make doing your job well just a little bit simpler. It’s sturdy shell, professional design, bright light, and built in measurement tools are all features that make this penlight worth having. Plus, the built in pocket clip allows you to easily carry around your penlight, wherever you go.

Material: aluminum alloy
LED color: White
Shell color: White
Push-button on/off switch, easy to control
Click and it holds, Extra bright pre-focused beam
A 5cm-ruler on the back of the penlight
The pre-focused pinpoint lens directly illuminates noses, ears and throats

Package include:
2 x Opoway LED Penlight
4 x  AAA batteries

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact with us at anytime, we will try to reply to you of any consult of the product within 24 hours.

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