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Opoway Dual Head Stethoscope

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  • A tunable dual-head nursing stethoscope gives you the flexibility to hear a full range of frequencies when auscultating adult and pediatric patients. Dual-lumen tubing combines two sounds paths in one tube, make the best sounds.
  • Durable Tubing designed with PVC ,lasts longer and resists stains. Latex-free, easy to keep clean. Adjustable headset and good spring tension allow you to adapt your stethoscope to you to get the best results.
  • Tightly Sealed and Soft Stethoscope ear buds form an acoustic seal, eliminates noise interference, hear the subtle changes in the body, contribute to the outstanding sound performance, meet your essential needs of hearing the heart, lung, bowels, etc.
  • Awesome Gift Idea for Nurses, Doctors, ER, EMT, Veterinary & Medical Students, Nursing Student; Perfect for a birthday present, pinning ceremony for newly graduated nurses.
  • Opoway Nurse Stethoscopes designed to enable you to hear cardiac, pulmonary, and vascular sounds without difficult. We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, If you’re not satisfied with our stethoscope, feel free to contact with us directly for a full refund!

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